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Cheaper Healthcare


Cheaper healthcare is a goal that all of us share. Health is fundamental to our survival and has an impact on all aspects of our life. Healthcare costs in the United States are the highest in the world. While several measures have been implemented in the past, healthcare is still out of reach for many and needs further reform. The goal of healthcare reform is to improve the quality, affordability, and accessibility of healthcare for all citizens and is a complex and controversial issue.

While our goals are the same there seems to be still fundamental differences between the politicians and parties. We need to rise above these differences and bring everyone together for the broader good of the people.  There are a number of things that are required collectively done to make healthcare more affordable, including:

  • Expanding access to health insurance:  There are still a large number of uninsured people as they cannot afford high premiums. We need to provide additional subsidies to help people afford health insurance, or by creating a single-payer healthcare system.

  • Reducing the cost of healthcare: with the highest healthcare costs in the world we are in dare need to negotiate lower prices with healthcare providers and by changing the way healthcare is delivered.

  • Lowering Administrative Costs: One of the key reasons for high healthcare costs is excessive administrative costs which are due to the complex system of insurance billing. We need to simplify the process and lower these costs through automation and other alternative measures. Medical fees and additional charge rates should be discussed holistically across the industry

  • Controlling the cost of prescription drugs: Prescription drugs are a major expense for many people. The same prescription drugs sold by the same companies are sold at cheaper prices in other countries. We need to have better negotiations and lower the cost of prescription drugs across the board. We should also put a cap on the pricing of essential drugs and provide equality in the costs of the same drug offered in different countries.


  • Increasing competition: Competition is key to an open economic system and establishes the basis for a competitive environment within the United States. We need to prevent mergers within the medical companies and promote competition to lower costs and make healthcare more affordable. Increasing competition among healthcare providers. We need to build an environment to allow more providers to quickly enter the market and also make it easier for patients to switch between providers.


  • Improving the quality of healthcare: The quality of healthcare is dependent on the quality and number of doctors, nurses, and researchers. We need to ensure we are able to attract and retain key talent within the country to ensure advancements in the medical industry that can innovate new and cheaper means of providing medical.

  • Preventive care: Making preventive care more accessible and encouraging people to get preventive care can help prevent chronic diseases from developing and lower long-term healthcare costs. Insurance companies should provide incentives for preventive care services including no out-of-pocket annual check-ups, premium subsidiaries, etc. to promote preventive health.

  • Modernization of healthcare delivery:  Healthcare dynamics have changed in the last few years and with the evolution of technology more alternative delivery options should be used and evaluated for fast delivery at lower costs. Telehealth, online assessability, automated assessment, etc. are the tools that should be expanded and promoted to lower cast and fast delivery.

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