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Hi, I'm Vibe (Vaibhav) Narang

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I am exploring the opportunity to run for Congress and represent the people of California in the US House of Representatives. I believe we need a new, bold, and progressive voice in Washington that represents you. A representative that is not only able to raise people’s concerns but also define strategies and solutions to address those issues and bring the communities together. Being an immigrant and a leader in the financial services industry I have been through the ups and downs of the economy, understand the challenges of working families and the pains that come with the failure of financial institutions including their broader impact on everyone.

It’s time for me to now serve this nation and be YOUR VOICE. The voice of democracy. The voice of hope. The voice of change.


I am a seasoned risk management executive with more than 20+ years of experience in building and leading large teams of professionals to deliver enterprise risk management programs. A strategic thinker and visionary who can drive innovative solutions to meet objectives. A leader with team-building skills, a strong partnership mentality, a creative thinker, visionary & problem solver. Strong people management skills and relationship-building expertise with a consistent track record of success and advancement through a wide variety of management roles and responsibilities.

I may not be a career politician but the time has come for a change to bring in new views that look at people’s issues from a new vision and a new mindset that is free from current political bias, or political hardlines that have divided us. My experience will bring new direction and vision to support people’s needs. The time has come for a change. A change that we need in political mindset, how we look at equality (and not just diversity), how we envision our economic growth & ease of doing business, violence management (not just gun control), our relationships with other countries, and what we need to do to ensure we retain our global dominance.



A Voice of Common Man

America has changed majorly in the last few years and things have not looked as promising. Our position in the global arena, our internal dynamics, and our political uncertainty are crippling America and making us weak. We lack long-term vision and have neither integrated nor continued with the change we as Americans brought for a better tomorrow.


We have to rise above our differences and unite the people of the United States. We need to change our thinking and think beyond the state we represent, but rather think about the people of the United States of America. Going back to grass roots of what America needs. Let’s reflect back and analyze the vision of our founding fathers, what was their true goal? A LAND OF THE FREE AND BRAVE WHERE DREAMS COMES TRUE.


I migrated from India several years back to fulfill a dream that every one of us has. Have a better life and provide for our family. America is the land where dreams come true. While there have been ups and downs and struggles, this country has offered me and my family a lot and has ensured a better life for us.

In the current political scenario, we need a new direction and new leaders that have the commitment to continue and implement the change. We need to infuse new blood, new direction, and more importantly a new mindset that can lead the way for the next generation.


What I have realized over the years is that while we are represented in Washington by Politicians, but we are missing true PEOPLE’s VOICE. The voice of the common man is important but has been unheard for too long. It is the voice of the people who are the backbone of our society. They are the people who work hard every day to make a living and ensure that America is running but are also the ones often overlooked by those in power.

We are still figuring out how to get that sleek majority in the house, rather than looking into our fundamental challenges and thinking of bringing people together. We have to come out of differences that we have created and also think holistically about how to make things better for broader Americans. A voice that is bi-partisan and units the people of the United States of America.


I am your voice, an immigrant from a working family that understands the struggles we all have to go through to make ends mees. A next-generation Leader, that brings in new vision and is not just a politician.  Someone that you can trust to address people’s concerns and fight for what’s right irrespective of the political party affiliation. I believe in creating a platform for collaboration between Private-Public-People to bring together unanimous decisions that lead to economic growth and prosperity. 

It’s important to continue the legacy and belief that anything is possible in America and it’s a land where dreams come true. We should not only be looked upon as Big Brother Nation but also need to be the true leader that everyone follows globally. We need a leader that can connect with the people and bring politicians together not because they are from the same political party but because they believe in that person.


It’s time for me to now serve this nation and land, and be YOUR VOICE. The voice of democracy. The voice of hope. The voice of change.


It’s not about making America Great Again, it’s about Keeping America Great.

Change is the only thing constant in this world!  Make the right decision today for a better tomorrow!


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