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Strengthening Financial Services Oversight

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Financial services and banks are the backbone of our society and lay down the foundation for our economic strength. However during economic crises and even recently we have seen great turbulence with the failures of banks and the whipping out of deposits. This has also led to pressure on Wallstreet and impacted our 401k and other retirement funds that decreased in value drastically and whipped out wealth jeopardizing our retirement. Each of these failures also has an impact on employment and layoff always has a broader impact on the society


The government is always working on a corrective footing to fix things after they have gone wrong, rather than being proactive in identifying the issues and implementing long-term proactive solutions. We need to take a step back and understand the key challenges and issues within our financial industry and implement reforms that will prevent future failures.

  • Accountability: Defining clear ownership and accountability of various regulatory agencies and limiting overlaps. It’s important for Federal regulatory agencies to take ownership and responsibility for these failures as they neither timely identify the issues nor implemented measures.

  • Regulatory structure streamlining: Consolidation of regulatory requirements and streamlining of regulations and laws that manage the financial industry.

  • Improved coordination: Regulators need to work together more effectively to share information and coordinate their activities. This will help to ensure that all aspects of the financial system are being properly overseen. We saw this mismanagement reflected recently in the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic Bank which impacted so many people across industries.


  • Increased insurance limits: Enhanced federal insurance limits on people’s deposits to save them from failures.

  • Insider trading controls: Enhanced mechanism to prevent insider trading and look back for a defined period of time for recovery of profits from executives of failed institutions.

  • Stronger enforcement: Regulators need to have the authority to take action against financial institutions that are engaging in risky or unsafe practices. This may include the authority to impose fines, to break up financial institutions, or to even revoke their licenses.

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