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Protecting Veterans

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We will always remain indebted to the men and women who served and protected us and we have an obligation to provide the support that is required by their families and them, both during and after the service. It’s very challenging to integrate into civilian life after serving. It’s critical that we provide them with all the resources, support, and training to have a smooth transition. A large number of veterans find it difficult to reintegrate into a life outside of service including medical care and proper assistance when applying for jobs.

  • Increase private-public partnerships to organize job fairs that are targeted toward veterans only. Provide incentives and tax credits to the companies that provide training programs and hire veterans.

  • Business needs and requirements in the civilian world are changing very fast and several certifications and training provided during the service do not help in getting a job in the private sector. An increasing number of veterans are finding it difficult to find employment after returning home. We need to put mechanisms in place to provide additional training to the veterans and match them to job openings for which they are well prepared.

  • Healthcare support is critical to the veterans including mental health support. Conflicts and wars expose service members to strenuous environments that can lead to post-traumatic disorder, depression, and other mental health issues. It’s necessary to provide adequate and timely counseling and treatment to veterans. Mechanisms need to be built to ensure quick resolution of veteran claims and processing of medical requirements. We need to adjust the medical needs and means of the veterans to leverage modern-day resources including automation and telehealth to provide services faster and available in remote areas.


  • Identify jobs where veterans can easily transition based on skill sets acquired during the service.   Skills learned during the service like working collaboratively within teams, and a high-stress environment with quick thinking, etc. are key traits required by first responders like law enforcement officers, firefighters, etc. Reservations should be made in these areas for veterans and additional funding should be provided for integrating them.

  • Enhance support to families of service members during the service and specially during the transfer between regions and reassignments. It’s not easy for families to adjust to a new location especially children as it impacts their social life and also impacts on education. We need to enhance existing resources to provide additional help and resources to support families and ensure they feel protected and safe. An atmosphere to ensure easy transition and integration into society, school, and other facets of life.

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