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Violence Management
(Not Just Gun Control)

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Now more than ever before we need greater focus and reform on violence that is crippling our economy and destroying the safe environment that we all endeavor. While all the focus in the recent past has been on gun control, we need to take a step back and develop a holistic approach to Violence Management and not just gun control. Violence management is a complex and multifaceted process that involves a variety of stakeholders, including individuals, families, communities, and organizations. It is important to understand that violence is not just a physical act, but also a social problem that has many causes and consequences.

There are many different approaches to violence management, but they all share the same goal of preventing violence and promoting safety. My objective is to support and implement following:


  • Implement a congressional committee that can investigate and understand the root cause and then implements the legislation that provides a path for a safe environment for our future generations.


  • Develop better mental health programs and make them easily (and free of cost) available to the public. Most of the shooters have mental issues and concerns that if can caught and remediated early could have prevented these unfortunate incidents.


  • Enhanced regulations and a broader ban on assault weapons and restrictions on the magazine sizes. The difference between life and death for a victim can be the time shooter takes to reload the weapon.


  • Enhancing the checks on people buying the weapons and having a moratorium period between approval and the actual delivery of the weapon to perform the additional reviews.


  • Early intervention, that involves identifying and addressing risk factors for violence, such as poverty, abuse, and neglect.


  • Education and awareness that requires teaching people about the causes and consequences of violence, as well as how to prevent it.

  • Intervention aimed at providing support and resources to people who are at risk of violence, or who have been affected by violence.

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